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3.3 Copy-pass mode

In copy-pass mode, cpio copies files from one directory tree to another, combining the copy-out and copy-in steps without actually using an archive. It reads the list of files to copy from the standard input; the directory into which it will copy them is given as a non-option argument. See Options.

     cpio {-p|--pass-through} [-0adlmuvLV] [-R [user][:.][group]]
     [--null] [--reset-access-time] [--make-directories] [--link]
     [--preserve-modification-time] [--unconditional] [--verbose]
     [--dot] [--dereference] [--owner=[user][:.][group]] [--sparse]
     [--no-preserve-owner] [--help] [--version] destination-directory
     < name-list