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1 Overview

The GNU cssc program is designed to be a compatible replacement for the traditional Unix sccs suite.

While it is strongly suggested that new projects not use this package, sometimes existing projects require the use of sccs files. While conversion to other formats is possible, this is also sometimes impractical. See the documentation for CVS and RCS. See What is CVS?. See also the manual pages for RCS.

GNU CSSC is published under the GNU General Public License, which is designed to protect your rights, as the user of this program. You have the right to modify this program, and distribute it. You also have responsibilities to those to whom you distribute copies, as detailed in the license. See GNU General Public License.

GNU CSSC was originally based on the public-domain package MySC, which was written by Ross Ridge. The enhancement work was done by James Youngman.

The sccs program itself and its accompanying documentation and sccs.1 were written by Eric Allman, and are covered by the BSD license (see BSD Code).