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9 Year 2000 Issues

Primordial (but not current) versions of the genuine sccs suite fail to work correctly in and after the year 2000. The commands affected are get and prs. Unix vendors have ensured that the version of sccs that they currently ship works correctly in the year 2000. Sun Microsystems, for example, state in their Year 2000 FAQ (

Does Sun see any problems with the source code control system (sccs)?
No, Sun has adopted the X/Open Commands and Utilities Issue 5 standard, the year 2000 compliant version of sccs will not be affected by the end of century transition. The X/Open standard states that old dates held in ("yy/mm/dd") format does not change in “s.” files, but the values “yy” which range from 69 – 99 are to be interpreted as 1969 – 1999 respectively. Values of “yy” which range from 00 – 68 are to be interpreted as 2000 – 2068 respectively. This interpretation ensures that the year 2000 compliant version of sccs will work at least to the year 2068. By implementing X/Open's standard, Sun has ensured sccs user's compatibility with other providers of the sccs utility. For more information please refer to:

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