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3.11 sact

The sact (“Show Editing Activity”) command provides a summary of which files are currently checked out for editing. For each checked-out file, a summary line is given. This line is of the form ‘old-SID new-SID user date time’.

Identifies the revision that was checked out for editing.
This is the sid that will be allocated by delta when the working file is checked in again.
The login name of the user who checked out the file.
date time
The date and time at which the checking-out was done.

No output is produced for sccs files that are not currently locked for editing. If a directory is specified on the command line, the whole directory is examined. Directory hierarchies are not descended beyond this one level. If ‘-’ is given as an argument, filenames are read from standard input.

Note that times in sccs files (and lock-files) are stored as local time, so if you are collaborating with developers in another time zone, the date shown will be in their local time for files that they are editing.