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3.12 sccs

The sccs utility is available with CSSC. The code has been adapted to support GNU Autoconf, but it should function in the same way. The only difference between the operation of the original BSD sccs program and that of the one provided by CSSC is that way that the called programs are searched for. While the original program has the paths hard-coded in as /usr/sccs/*, the version accompanying CSSC first searches for them on the PATH, and then falls back on /usr/sccs/*. If the executable is running set-user-id, the PATH environment variable is ignored. The sccs program itself should be fairly secure, but the other programs in the suite are not. See Known Problems, for more information.

The sccs program is documented in its online manual page, and also in An Introduction to the Source Code Control System by Eric Allman, a copy of which is included with this suite.

Unlike all the other parts of the suite, the sccs program and its accompanying documentation are covered by the BSD copyright license; see BSD Code, and the file COPYING.bsd, for more information.

The original BSD version of the sccs program can easily be found on BSD mirrors, for example