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5.5 Board configuration file values

The following fields are in the board_info array. These are set by the set_board_info procedure (or add_board_info procedure for appending to lists). Both procedures take a field name and a value for the field (or is added to the field), respectively. Some common board info fields are shown below.

FieldExample valueDescription
compiler[find_gcc]The path to the compiler to use.
cflags-mcaCompilation flags for the compiler.
ldflags[libgloss_link_flags] [newlib_link_flags]Linking flags for the compiler.
ldscript-Wl,-Tidt.ldThe linker script to use when cross compiling.
libs-lgccAny additional libraries to link in.
shell_promptcygmon>The command prompt of the remote shell.
hex_startaddr0xa0020000The Starting address as a string.
start_addr0xa0008000The starting address as a value.
exit_statuses_bad1Whether there is an accurate exit status.
reboot_delay10The delay between power off and power on.
unreliable1Whether communication with the board is unreliable.
sim[find_sim]The path to the simulator to use.
objcopy$tempfilThe path to the objcopy program.
support_libs${prefix_dir}/i386-coff/Support libraries needed for cross compiling.
addl_link_flags-NAdditional link flags, rarely used.
remotedir/tmp/runtest.[pid]Directory on the remote target in which executables are downloaded and executed.

These fields are used by the GCC and GDB tests, and are mostly only useful to somewhat trying to debug a new board file for one of these tools. Many of these are used only by a few testcases, and their purpose is esoteric. These are listed with sample values as a guide to better guessing if you need to change any of these.

Board Info Fields For GCC & GDB

FieldSample ValueDescription
strip$tempfileStrip the executable of symbols.
gdb_protocol"remote"The GDB debugging protocol to use.
gdb_stub_ldscript"-Wl,-Teva-stub.ld"The linker script to use with a GDB stub.
gdb,noargs1Whether the target can take command line arguments.
gdb,nosignals1Whether there are signals on the target.
gdb,target_sim_options"-sparclite"Special options to pass to the simulator.
gdb,timeout540Timeout value to use for remote communication.
gdb_init_command"set mipsfpu none"A single command to send to GDB before the program being debugged is started.
gdb_init_commands"print/x \$fsr = 0x0"Same as gdb_init_command, except that this is a list, more commands can be added.
gdb_opts"–command gdbinit"
gdb_prompt"\\(gdb960\\)"The prompt GDB is using.
gdb_run_command"jump start"
use_gdb_stub1Whether to use a GDB stub.
gcc,stack_size16384Stack size to use with some GCC testcases.

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