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3.5.1 Command line option variables

In the user editable second section of the User configuration file you can not only override the configuration variables captured in the first section, but also specify default values for all on the runtest command line options. Save for --debug, --help, and --version, each command line option has an associated Tcl variable. Use the Tcl set command to specify a new default value (as for the configuration variables). The following table describes the correspondence between command line options and variables you can set in site.exp. Invoking runtest, for explanations of the command-line options.

OptionTcl variableDescription
-a, –allall_flagdisplay all test results if set
–buildbuild_tripletsystem triplet for the build host
–dircmdline_dir_to_runrun only tests in the specified directory
–hosthost_tripletsystem triplet for the host
–host_boardhost_boardhost board definition to use
–ignoreignoretestsdo not run the specified tests
–log_dialoglog_dialogemit Expect output to standard output
–outdiroutdirdirectory for .sum and .log files
–objdirobjdirdirectory for pre-compiled binaries
–rebootrebootreboot the target if set to 1
–srcdirsrcdirdirectory of test subdirectories
–targettarget_tripletsystem triplet for the target
–target_boardtarget_listlist of target boards to run tests on
–tooltoolname of tool to test (identifies init, test subdirectory)
–tool_execTOOL_EXECUTABLEpath to the executable to test
–tool_optsTOOL_OPTIONSadditional options to pass to the tool
–tool_root_dirtool_root_dirtool root directory
-v, –verboseverboseverbosity level greater than or equal to 0