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3.3 Invoking dejagnu report card

The dejagnu report card tool produces a tabular summary of the results from test runs by reading the summary files that DejaGnu produces.

dejagnu report card [<option>|<tool>|<file>]...

The --verbose option causes additional output describing the inner workings of the dejagnu report card command to be produced.

Aside from options, the command may include a list of tools or files. Names ending in ‘.sum’ are used as-is. Names ending in ‘.log’ are changed to instead refer to the summary file. Names ending with a simple dot (‘.’) have ‘sum’ appended, for convenience when using Readline filename completion in a shell, which will complete to the dot, since there are both ‘.sum’ and ‘.log’ files produced for each tool tested. Lastly, all other names are taken as tool names and ‘.sum’ is appended to refer to the summary file produced by DejaGnu.

The relevant summary files are read and an ASCII-art table is produced. The table has columns for counts of tests passed, failed, unsupported, unresolved, and untested. Tests that are expected to pass and tests that are expected to fail are counted in separate columns, but known failures (‘KFAIL’ and ‘KPASS’) are summarized together with expected failures (‘XFAIL’ and ‘XPASS’) in two additional columns: ‘?PASS’ and ‘?FAIL’. Additionally, if a test produced any warnings or errors, tags ‘!W!’ or ‘!E!’ are added at the end of the row.