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3.1 Invoking dejagnu

The dejagnu launcher is primarily designed to pass most options on to the scripts that it runs, but does process the --help and --version options entirely internally, while also recognizing the --verbose option.

dejagnu <command> [options...]
dejagnu --help
dejagnu --version

Note that the command names may contain multiple words. In this case, the command can be given as separate arguments to dejagnu or combined with dashes (‘-’); both forms are equivalent.

All words of the command name must appear before any options. The search for a command terminates when an option is found.

Note that the first valid command found is used. A longer command name can be shadowed by a shorter command name that happens to be a prefix of the longer name, if the command name is given as multiple arguments. The equivalent form with the longer command name combined using dashes into a single argument will correctly refer to the otherwise shadowed command.

The dejagnu launcher can also be run using symbolic links, provided that the shell places the name under which dejagnu was invoked in $0. Any dash-separated words after “dejagnu” in the name of such a link are taken to be the leading words of a command name.

The dejagnu launcher supports alternate implementations depending upon available interpreters.

Options for the dejagnu launcher itself cannot be abbreviated, since the launcher has no way to know which abbreviations are unique and which would be ambiguous to the invoked command.


Print a help message instead of running a command.

-V, --version

Print a version banner for the launcher itself including the version of DejaGnu. Any command given is ignored.

-v, --verbose

Emit additional output describing the inner workings of the dejagnu launcher. This option is also passed on to the invoked command.

All arguments after the command name are passed to the invoked command.

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