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Loads a DejaGnu library file by searching the default fixed paths built into DejaGnu. If DejaGnu has been installed, it looks in a path starting with the installed library directory. If you are running DejaGnu directly from a source directory, without first running make install, this path defaults to the current directory. In either case, it then looks in the current directory for a directory called lib. If there are duplicate definitions, the last one loaded takes precedence over the earlier ones.



The name of the DejaGnu library file to load.

The global variable libdirs, handled as a list, is appended to the default fixed paths built into DejaGnu.

Additional search directories for load_lib

# append a non-standard search path
	    global libdirs
	    lappend libdirs $srcdir/../../gcc/testsuite/lib
	    # now loading $srcdir/../../gcc/testsuite/lib/foo.exp works
	    load_lib foo.exp