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A.5 Tools Directory

The tools/ directory contains scripts and data necessary for the build process. The tools are shell scripts that may be run independently of the build process if you find them to be useful. The remaining files are data to accompany those tools.


Concatenates all the modules and wraps them for client-side deployment. If requested, the tests are also wrapped and concatenated so that they may be run in the web browser. The contents are stripped of trailing commas using the rmtrail tool. The resulting file is not minified; the user can use whatever process he/she wishes to do so. In the future, minification will be part of the build script.


Removes trailing commas from object and array definitions. Reads from standard in. This script is not intelligent. It was designed to work with ease.js. It does not, for example, check to ensure that it is not removing commas from within strings. This would not be a difficult addition, but is currently unnecessary. Use caution when using this tool outside of ease.js.


Responsible for receiving input from stdin and writing minified output to stdout. This script uses UglifyJS to minify source files for distribution, improving download times.


Skeleton page to be used after the build process. Runs ease.js unit tests in the web browser and reports any failures. This is very important to ensure that ease.js operates consistently between all supported browsers. The tests that are run are the same exact tests that are run server-side.


Contains a client-side implementation of any modules required for testing. This file contains mainly assertions. It is included by the combine script when tests are requested.


Contains the basic functionality required to get CommonJS modules working client-side. This is a very basic implementation, only doing what is necessary for ease.js to work properly. It is not meant to be a solution for all of your client-side CommonJS problems.


Contains the license that is to appear atop every combined file, including minified. The original text must remain in tact. If you make changes to the source code, you are welcome to add additional text. See the LICENSE file in the root directory for more information on what is permitted.

While the tools may be useful outside of ease.js in some regard, please note that they have been tailored especially for ease.js. They do not contain unnecessary features that ease.js does not need to make use of. Therefore, you may need to adapt them to your own project and individual needs should you decide to use them in your own projects.

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