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9.6 Integrating with ikiwiki

Note: Support for Ikiwiki is not yet complete. Use at your own risk.

Ikiwiki is a wiki compiler ( Emacs Muse can (not yet) be used as a source format for Ikiwiki pages with the plugin IkiWiki::Plugin::muse.

The lisp/muse-ikiwiki.el file provides publishing functions and styles for Ikiwiki. The plugin for Ikiwiki to recognize Muse files is provided by the contrib/ikiwiki/IkiWiki/Plugin/ file. Two sample init files are available in the examples/ikiwiki directory. Configure your ikiwiki.setup file so that the muse_init variable has the location of your Muse init file.

If you are using CGI, The directory contrib/ikiwiki/IkiWiki must be copied to the same directory as the CGI script that Ikiwiki generates. When publishing your wiki, the PERL5LIB environment variable must contain the path to the contrib/ikiwiki/IkiWiki directory.

Styles provided

Supports publishing XHTML output that Ikiwiki can understand.

Options provided

Header used for publishing Ikiwiki output files.

This may be text or a filename.

Footer used for publishing Ikiwiki output files.

This may be text or a filename.

Other relevant options

Specify whether to evaluate the contents of <lisp> tags at display time. If nil, don't evaluate them. If non-nil, evaluate them.

The actual contents of the buffer are not changed, only the displayed text.

Modes that we allow the <src> tag to colorize. If t, permit the <src> tag to colorize any mode.

If a list of mode names, such as '("html" "latex"), and the lang argument to <src> is not in the list, then use fundamental mode instead.

If non-nil, publish tags like <lisp> and <command> that can call external programs or expose sensitive information. Otherwise, ignore tags like this.

This is useful to set to nil when the file to publish is coming from an untrusted source.