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5.1 How to Load Muse

To use Muse, add the directory containing its files to your load-path variable, in your .emacs file. Then, load in the authoring mode, and the styles you wish to publish to. An example follows.

     (add-to-list 'load-path "<path to Muse>")
     (require 'muse-mode)     ; load authoring mode
     (require 'muse-html)     ; load publishing styles I use
     (require 'muse-latex)
     (require 'muse-texinfo)
     (require 'muse-docbook)
     (require 'muse-project)  ; publish files in projects

An easy way of seeing which settings are available and changing settings is to use the Muse customization interface. To do this, type M-x customize-group muse RET. Each of the options has its own documentation. Options are grouped logically according to what effect they have.