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10.4 Tag specifications for special markup


A list of tag specifications, for specially marking up text.

XML-style tags are the best way to add custom markup to Muse. This is easily accomplished by customizing this list of markup tags.

For each entry, the name of the tag is given, whether it expects a closing tag and/or an optional set of attributes, whether it is nestable, and a function that performs whatever action is desired within the delimited region.

The tags themselves are deleted during publishing, before the function is called. The function is called with three arguments, the beginning and end of the region surrounded by the tags. If properties are allowed, they are passed as a third argument in the form of an alist. The `end' argument to the function is always a marker.

Point is always at the beginning of the region within the tags, when the function is called. Wherever point is when the function finishes is where tag markup will resume.

These tag rules are processed once at the beginning of markup, and once at the end, to catch any tags which may have been inserted in-between.