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6.2 A Multiple-Project Example

It is possible to specify multiple projects. Here is an example of three projects: a generic website, a projects area, and a day-planner (the day-planner part requires Planner Mode—see to get it).

     (setq muse-project-alist
           '(("Website" ("~/Pages" :default "index")
              (:base "html" :path "~/public_html"))
             (("Projects" ("~/Projects" :default "index")
              (:base "xhtml"
                     :path "~/public_html/projects"
                     :exclude "/TopSecret")
              (:base "pdf"
                     :path "~/public_html/projects/pdf"
                     :exclude "/TopSecret")))
             ("Plans" ("~/Plans"
                       :default "TaskPool"
                       :major-mode planner-mode
                       :visit-link planner-visit-link)
              (:base "planner-xhtml"
                     :path "~/public_html/plans"))))

The :major-mode attribute specifies which major to use when visiting files in this directory.

The :visit-link attribute specifies the function to call when visiting links.

The :exclude attribute has a regexp that matches files to never publish.