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11.1 Edit lists easily in other major modes

muse-list-edit-minor-mode is meant to be used with other major modes, such as Message (for composing email) and debian-changelog-mode (for editing debian/changelog files).

It implements practically perfect support for editing and filling lists. It can even handle nested lists. In addition to Muse-specific list items ("-", numbers, definition lists, footnotes), it can also handle items that begin with "*" or "+". Filling list items behaves in the same way that it does in Muse, regardless of whether filladapt is also enabled, which is the primary reason to use this tool.


To use it, add “(require 'muse-mode)” to your Emacs customization file and add the function turn-on-muse-list-edit-minor-mode to any mode hooks where you wish to enable this minor mode.


muse-list-edit-minor-mode uses the following keybindings.

M-RET (`muse-l-e-m-m-insert-list-item')
Insert a new list item at point, using the indentation level of the current list item.
C-< (`muse-l-e-m-m-decrease-list-item-indent')
Decrease indentation of the current list item.
C-> (`muse-l-e-m-m-increase-list-item-indent')
Increase indentation of the current list item.


— Function: muse-list-edit-minor-mode

This is a global minor mode for editing files with lists. It is meant to be used with other major modes, and not with Muse mode.

Interactively, with no prefix argument, toggle the mode. With universal prefix arg turn mode on. With zero or negative arg turn mode off.

This minor mode provides the Muse keybindings for editing lists, and support for filling lists properly.

It recognizes not only Muse-style lists, which use the "-" character or numbers, but also lists that use asterisks or plus signs. This should make the minor mode generally useful.

Definition lists and footnotes are also recognized.

Note that list items may omit leading spaces, for compatibility with modes that set left-margin, such as debian-changelog-mode.

— Function: turn-on-muse-list-edit-minor-mode

Unconditionally turn on Muse list edit minor mode.

— Function: turn-off-muse-list-edit-minor-mode

Unconditionally turn off Muse list edit minor mode.