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5.1 Project File Overview

Project files have a simple syntax; they may be edited directly. Each line specifies a project variable name and its value, separated by “=”:


Some variables (like src_dir) are lists; multiple occurrences are concatenated.

There must be no space between the variable name and “=”, and no trailing spaces.

Alternately, a GUI editor for project files is available (see GUI Editor). It uses Emacs widgets, similar to Emacs customize.

The GUI editor also provides a convenient way to view current project settings, if they have been modified using menu commands rather than by editing the project file.

After the first Ada mode build command is invoked, there is always a current project file, given by the lisp variable ada-prj-default-project-file. Currently, the only way to show the current project file is to invoke the GUI editor.

To find the project file the first time, Ada mode uses the following search algorithm:

This algorithm always sets ada-prj-default-project-file, even when the file does not actually exist.

To change the project file before or after the first one is found, invoke ‘Ada | Project | Load ...’.

Or, in lisp, evaluate (ada-set-default-project-file "/path/file.adp"). This sets ada-prj-default-project-file, and reads the project file.

You can also specify a GNAT project file to ‘Ada | Project | Load ...’ or ada-set-default-project-file. Emacs Ada mode checks the file extension; if it is .gpr, the file is treated as a GNAT project file. Any other extension is treated as an Emacs Ada mode project file.