1.3 Naming Conventions

Except where noted, all functions defined by this package have the same calling conventions as their Common Lisp counterparts, and names that are those of Common Lisp plus a ‘cl-’ prefix.

Internal function and variable names in the package are prefixed by cl--. Here is a complete list of functions prefixed by cl- that were not taken from Common Lisp:

cl-callf           cl-callf2          cl-defsubst
cl-letf            cl-letf*

The following simple functions and macros are defined in cl-lib.el; they do not cause other components like cl-extra to be loaded.

cl-evenp           cl-oddp            cl-minusp
cl-plusp           cl-endp            cl-subst
cl-copy-list       cl-list*           cl-ldiff
cl-rest            cl-decf [1]        cl-incf [1]
cl-acons           cl-adjoin [2]      cl-pairlis
cl-pushnew [1,2]   cl-declaim         cl-proclaim
cl-caaar…cl-cddddr                  cl-first…cl-tenth
cl-mapcar [3]

[1] Only when place is a plain variable name.

[2] Only if :test is eq, equal, or unspecified, and :key is not used.

[3] Only for one sequence argument or two list arguments.