7 Customizing Emulation

Most EDT users, at one time or another, make some custom key bindings, or use someone else’s custom key bindings, which they come to depend upon just as if they were built-in bindings. This EDT Emulation for GNU Emacs is designed to make it easy to customize bindings.

If you wish to customize the EDT Emulation to use some of your own key bindings, you need to make a private version of edt-user.el in your own private lisp directory. The Emacs etc/ directory contains an example for you to use as a template and for ideas.

First, you need to have your own private lisp directory, say ~/lisp, and you should add it to the Emacs load path.

Please note: A few sites have different load-path requirements, so the above directions may need some modification if your site has such special needs.