1.3 The Aims of this Package

  1. Emulate EDT Keypad Mode commands closely so that current EDT users will find that it easy and comfortable to use Emacs with a small learning curve.
  2. Make it easy for a user to customize EDT emulation key bindings without knowing much about Emacs Lisp.
  3. Make it easy to switch between the original EDT default bindings and the user’s customized EDT bindings, without having to exit Emacs.
  4. Provide support for some TPU/EVE functions not supported in EDT.
  5. Provide an easy way to restore all original Emacs key bindings, just as they existed before the EDT emulation was first invoked.
  6. Supports highlighting of marked text within the EDT emulation on all platforms on which Emacs supports highlighting of marked text.
  7. Handle terminal configuration interactively for most terminal configurations, when the emulation is invoked for the first time.
  8. Support a PC AT keyboard under MS-DOS.