2 Terminals/Keyboards that are Supported

Keyboards used under a Window System are supported via the edt-mapper function. The first time you invoke the emulation under a window system, the edt-mapper function is run automatically and the user is prompted to identify which keys the emulation is to use for the standard keypad and function keys EDT expects (e.g., PF1, PF2, KP0, KP1, F1, F2, etc.). This configuration is saved to disk read each time the emulation is invoked.

In character oriented connections not running a window manager, built-in support for the following terminals/keyboards is provided:

  1. DEC VT-100 series and higher. This includes well behaved VT clones and emulators. If you are using a VT series terminal, be sure that the TERM environment variable is set properly before invoking emacs.
  2. PC AT keyboard under MS-DOS.

Be sure to read Notes Specific to Certain Platforms to see if those notes apply to you.