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2 Terminals/Keyboards that are Supported

Keyboards used under a Window System are supported via the edt-mapper function. The first time you invoke the emulation under a window system, the edt-mapper function is run automatically and the user is prompted to identify which keys the emulation is to use for the standard keypad and function keys EDT expects (e.g., <PF1>, <PF2>, <KP0>, <KP1>, <F1>, <F2>, etc.). This configuration is saved to disk read each time the emulation is invoked.

In character oriented connections not running a window manager, built-in support for the following terminals/keyboards is provided:

  1. DEC VT-100 series and higher. This includes well behaved VT clones and emulators. If you are using a VT series terminal, be sure that the TERM environment variable is set properly before invoking emacs.
  2. PC AT keyboard under MS-DOS.

Be sure to read Platform-specific notes to see if those notes apply to you.