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11.2 How do I save a copy of outgoing mail?

You can either mail yourself a copy by including a ‘BCC’ header in the mail message, or store a copy of the message directly to a file by including an ‘FCC’ header.

If you use standard mail, you can automatically create a ‘BCC’ to yourself by putting

(setq mail-self-blind t)

in your .emacs file. You can automatically include an ‘FCC’ field by putting something like the following in your .emacs file:

(setq mail-archive-file-name (expand-file-name "~/outgoing"))

The output file will be in Unix mail format.

If you use mh-e, add an ‘FCC’ or ‘BCC’ field to your components file.

It does not work to put ‘set record filename’ in the .mailrc file.