39.9 Term Mode

To switch between line and char mode in Term mode, use these commands:

C-c C-j

Switch to line mode (term-line-mode). Do nothing if already in line mode.

C-c C-k

Switch to char mode (term-char-mode). Do nothing if already in char mode.

The following commands are only available in char mode:

C-c C-c

Send a literal C-c to the sub-shell (term-interrupt-subjob).

C-c char

This is equivalent to C-x char in normal Emacs. For example, C-c o invokes the global binding of C-x o, which is normally ‘other-window’.

Term mode has a page-at-a-time feature. When enabled, it makes output pause at the end of each screenful:

C-c C-q

Toggle the page-at-a-time feature (term-pager-toggle). This command works in both line and char modes. When the feature is enabled, the mode-line displays the word ‘page’, and each time Term receives more than a screenful of output, it pauses and displays ‘**MORE**’ in the mode-line. Type SPC to display the next screenful of output, or ? to see your other options. The interface is similar to the more program.