3.5 Mail-Mode Integration

EasyPG Assistant provides a minor mode epa-mail-mode to help user compose inline OpenPGP messages. Inline OpenPGP is a traditional style of sending signed/encrypted emails by embedding raw OpenPGP blobs inside a message body, not using modern MIME format.

NOTE: Inline OpenPGP is not recommended and you should consider to use PGP/MIME. See Inline OpenPGP in E-mail is bad, Mm’kay?.

Once epa-mail-mode is enabled, the following keys are assigned. You can do it by C-u 1 M-x epa-mail-mode or through the Customize interface. Try M-x customize-variable epa-global-mail-mode.

C-c C-e C-d and C-c C-e d

Decrypt OpenPGP armors in the current buffer.

C-c C-e C-v and C-c C-e v

Verify OpenPGP cleartext signed messages in the current buffer.

C-c C-e C-s and C-c C-e s

Compose a signed message from the current buffer, using your default key. With a prefix argument, select the key to use interactively.

C-c C-e C-e and C-c C-e e

Compose an encrypted message from the current buffer. By default it tries to build the recipient list from ‘to’, ‘cc’, and ‘bcc’ fields of the mail header. To include your key in the recipient list, use ‘encrypt-to’ option in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf. This function translates recipient addresses using the epa-mail-aliases list. You can also use that option to ignore specific recipients for encryption purposes.

With prefix argument, asks you to select the recipients interactively, whether to sign, and which key(s) to sign with.