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3.5 The Server Hotlist

EUDC lets you maintain a list of frequently used servers so that you can easily switch from one to another. This hotlist appears in the ‘Server’ submenu. You select a server in this list by clicking on its name. You can add the current server to the list with the command M-x eudc-bookmark-current-server. The list is contained in the variable eudc-server-hotlist which is stored in and retrieved from the file designated by eudc-options-file. EUDC also provides a facility to edit the hotlist interactively (see The Hotlist Edit Buffer).

The hotlist is also used to make queries on multiple servers successively (see Multi-server Queries). The order in which the servers are tried is the order they appear in the hotlist, therefore it is important to sort the hotlist appropriately.

— Command: eudc-bookmark-server server

Add server to the hotlist of servers

— Command: eudc-bookmark-current-server

Add the current server to the hotlist of servers

— Variable: eudc-options-file

The name of a file where EUDC stores its internal variables (the hotlist and the current server). EUDC will try to load that file upon initialization so, if you choose a file name different from the defaults ~/.emacs.d/eudc-options, be sure to set this variable to the appropriate value before EUDC is itself loaded.