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3.5 Syntax check statuses

After syntax check is finished, its status is displayed in the mode line. The following statuses are defined.

Flymake* or Flymake:E/W* Flymake is currently running. For the second case, E/W contains the error and warning count for the previous run.

Flymake Syntax check is not running. Usually this means syntax check was successfully passed (no errors, no warnings). Other possibilities are: syntax check was killed as a result of executing flymake-compile, or syntax check cannot start as compilation is currently in progress.

Flymake:E/W Number of errors/warnings found by the syntax check process.

Flymake:! Flymake was unable to find master file for the current buffer.

The following errors cause a warning message and switch flymake mode OFF for the buffer.

CFGERR Syntax check process returned nonzero exit code, but no errors/warnings were reported. This indicates a possible configuration error (for example, no suitable error message patterns for the syntax check tool).

NOMASTER Flymake was unable to find master file for the current buffer.

NOMK Flymake was unable to find a suitable buildfile for the current buffer.

PROCERR Flymake was unable to launch a syntax check process.