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7.5.1 Archiving Mail

Some of the back ends, notably nnml, nnfolder, and nnmaildir, now actually store the article marks with each group. For these servers, archiving and restoring a group while preserving marks is fairly simple.

(Preserving the group level and group parameters as well still requires ritual dancing and sacrifices to the .newsrc.eld deity though.)

To archive an entire nnml, nnfolder, or nnmaildir server, take a recursive copy of the server directory. There is no need to shut down Gnus, so archiving may be invoked by cron or similar. You restore the data by restoring the directory tree, and adding a server definition pointing to that directory in Gnus. The Article Backlog, Asynchronous Article Fetching and other things might interfere with overwriting data, so you may want to shut down Gnus before you restore the data.