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4.15 Article Backlog

If you have a slow connection, but the idea of using caching seems unappealing to you (and it is, really), you can help the situation some by switching on the backlog. This is where Gnus will buffer already read articles so that it doesn’t have to re-fetch articles you’ve already read. This only helps if you are in the habit of re-selecting articles you’ve recently read, of course. If you never do that, turning the backlog on will slow Gnus down a little bit, and increase memory usage some.

If you set gnus-keep-backlog to a number n, Gnus will store at most n old articles in a buffer for later re-fetching. If this variable is non-nil and is not a number, Gnus will store all read articles, which means that your Emacs will grow without bound before exploding and taking your machine down with you. I put that in there just to keep y’all on your toes.

The default value is 20.