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Hook run in category buffers.


Format of the lines in the category buffer (see Formatting Variables). Valid elements are:


The name of the category.


The number of groups in the category.


Format of the category mode line (see Mode Line Formatting).


Articles that have fewer lines than this are short. Default 100.


Articles that have more lines than this are long. Default 200.


Articles that have a score lower than this have a low score. Default 0.


Articles that have a score higher than this have a high score. Default 0.


The number of days that a ‘read’ article must stay in the agent’s local disk before becoming eligible for expiration (While the name is the same, this doesn’t mean expiring the article on the server. It just means deleting the local copy of the article). What is also important to understand is that the counter starts with the time the article was written to the local disk and not the time the article was read. Default 7.


Determines whether articles in a group are, by default, expired or retained indefinitely. The default is ENABLE which means that you’ll have to disable expiration when desired. On the other hand, you could set this to DISABLE. In that case, you would then have to enable expiration in selected groups.

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