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nnmh is just like nnml, except that is doesn’t generate NOV databases and it doesn’t keep an active file or marks file. This makes nnmh a much slower back end than nnml, but it also makes it easier to write procmail scripts for.

Virtual server settings:


All nnmh directories will be located under this directory. The default is the value of message-directory (whose default is ~/Mail)


If non-nil, nnmh will read incoming mail. The default is t.


If non-nil, nnmh will go to ridiculous lengths to make sure that the articles in the folder are actually what Gnus thinks they are. It will check date stamps and stat everything in sight, so setting this to t will mean a serious slow-down. If you never use anything but Gnus to read the nnmh articles, you do not have to set this variable to t. The default is nil.