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All functions in this list will be called right after each file has been successfully decoded—so that you can move or view files right away, and don’t have to wait for all files to be decoded before you can do anything. Ready-made functions you can put in this list are:


View the file.


Move the file (if you’re using a saving function.)


Specifies what to do if unusual situations arise during decoding. If nil, be as conservative as possible. If t, ignore things that didn’t work, and overwrite existing files. Otherwise, ask each time.


Files with name matching this regular expression won’t be viewed.


Files with a MIME type matching this variable won’t be viewed. Note that Gnus tries to guess what type the file is based on the name. gnus-uu is not a MIME package (yet), so this is slightly kludgy.


Where gnus-uu does its work.


Non-nil means that gnus-uu won’t peek inside archives looking for files to display.


Non-nil means that the user will always be asked to save a file after viewing it.


Non-nil means that gnus-uu will ignore the default viewing rules.


Non-nil means that gnus-uu will ignore the default archive unpacking commands.


Non-nil means that gnus-uu will strip all carriage returns from articles.


Non-nil means that gnus-uu will mark unsuccessfully decoded articles as unread.


Non-nil means that gnus-uu will try to fix uuencoded files that have had trailing spaces deleted.


Hook run before sending a message to uudecode.


Non-nil means that gnus-uu will ignore the viewing commands defined by the rule variables and just fudge a MIME content type based on the file name. The result will be fed to metamail for viewing.


Non-nil means that gnus-uu, when asked to save without decoding, will save in digests. If this variable is nil, gnus-uu will just save everything in a file without any embellishments. The digesting almost conforms to RFC 1153—no easy way to specify any meaningful volume and issue numbers were found, so I simply dropped them.

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