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9.20 Interaction with other modes

9.20.1 Dired

gnus-dired-minor-mode provides some useful functions for dired buffers. It is enabled with

     (add-hook 'dired-mode-hook 'turn-on-gnus-dired-mode)
C-c C-m C-a
Send dired's marked files as an attachment (gnus-dired-attach). You will be prompted for a message buffer.
C-c C-m C-l
Visit a file according to the appropriate mailcap entry (gnus-dired-find-file-mailcap). With prefix, open file in a new buffer.
C-c C-m C-p
Print file according to the mailcap entry (gnus-dired-print). If there is no print command, print in a PostScript image.