4.4 Scrolling the Article


Pressing SPC will scroll the current article forward one page, or, if you have come to the end of the current article, will choose the next article (gnus-summary-next-page).

If gnus-article-skip-boring is non-nil and the rest of the article consists only of citations and signature, then it will be skipped; the next article will be shown instead. You can customize what is considered uninteresting with gnus-article-boring-faces. You can manually view the article’s pages, no matter how boring, using C-M-v.


Scroll the current article back one page (gnus-summary-prev-page).


Scroll the current article one line forward (gnus-summary-scroll-up).


Scroll the current article one line backward (gnus-summary-scroll-down).

A g

(Re)fetch the current article (gnus-summary-show-article). If given a prefix, show a completely “raw” article, just the way it came from the server. If given a prefix twice (i.e., C-u C-u g'), fetch the current article, but don’t run any of the article treatment functions.

If given a numerical prefix, you can do semi-manual charset stuff. C-u 0 g cn-gb-2312 RET will decode the message as if it were encoded in the cn-gb-2312 charset. If you have

(setq gnus-summary-show-article-charset-alist
      '((1 . cn-gb-2312)
        (2 . big5)))

then you can say C-u 1 g to get the same effect.

A <

Scroll to the beginning of the article (gnus-summary-beginning-of-article).

A >

Scroll to the end of the article (gnus-summary-end-of-article).

A s

Perform an isearch in the article buffer (gnus-summary-isearch-article).


Select the article buffer (gnus-summary-select-article-buffer).