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8.5 Score File Editing

You normally enter all scoring commands from the summary buffer, but you might feel the urge to edit them by hand as well, so we’ve supplied you with a mode for that.

It’s simply a slightly customized emacs-lisp mode, with these additional commands:

C-c C-c

Save the changes you have made and return to the summary buffer (gnus-score-edit-exit).

C-c C-d

Insert the current date in numerical format (gnus-score-edit-insert-date). This is really the day number, if you were wondering.

C-c C-p

The adaptive score files are saved in an unformatted fashion. If you intend to read one of these files, you want to pretty print it first. This command (gnus-score-pretty-print) does that for you.

Type M-x gnus-score-mode to use this mode.

gnus-score-menu-hook is run in score mode buffers.

In the summary buffer you can use commands like V f, V e and V t to begin editing score files.