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4.27.2 Searching for Articles

M-s M-s

Search through all subsequent (raw) articles for a regexp (gnus-summary-search-article-forward).

M-s M-r

Search through all previous (raw) articles for a regexp (gnus-summary-search-article-backward).


Repeat the previous search forwards (gnus-summary-repeat-search-article-forward).


Repeat the previous search backwards (gnus-summary-repeat-search-article-backward).


This command will prompt you for a header, a regular expression to match on this field, and a command to be executed if the match is made (gnus-summary-execute-command). If the header is an empty string, the match is done on the entire article. If given a prefix, search backward instead.

For instance, & RET some.*string RET # will put the process mark on all articles that have heads or bodies that match ‘some.*string’.


Perform any operation on all articles that have been marked with the process mark (gnus-summary-universal-argument).