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Using the namazu engine requires creating and maintaining index files. One directory should contain all the index files, and nnir must be told where to find them by setting the nnir-namazu-index-directory variable.

To work correctly the nnir-namazu-remove-prefix variable must also be correct. This is the prefix to remove from each file name returned by Namazu in order to get a proper group name (albeit with ‘/’ instead of ‘.’).

For example, suppose that Namazu returns file names such as ‘/home/john/Mail/mail/misc/42’. For this example, use the following setting: (setq nnir-namazu-remove-prefix "/home/john/Mail/") Note the trailing slash. Removing this prefix from the directory gives ‘mail/misc/42’. nnir knows to remove the ‘/42’ and to replace ‘/’ with ‘.’ to arrive at the correct group name ‘mail.misc’.

Extra switches may be passed to the namazu search command by setting the variable nnir-namazu-additional-switches. It is particularly important not to pass any switches to namazu that will change the output format. Good switches to use include --sort, --ascending, --early and --late. Refer to the Namazu documentation for further information on valid switches.

Mail must first be indexed with the mknmz program. Read the documentation for namazu to create a configuration file. Here is an example:

      package conf;  # Don't remove this line!
      # Paths which will not be indexed. Don't use '^' or '$' anchors.
      $EXCLUDE_PATH = "spam|sent";
      # Header fields which should be searchable. case-insensitive
      $REMAIN_HEADER = "from|date|message-id|subject";
      # Searchable fields. case-insensitive
      $SEARCH_FIELD = "from|date|message-id|subject";
      # The max length of a word.
      $WORD_LENG_MAX = 128;
      # The max length of a field.
      $MAX_FIELD_LENGTH = 256;

For this example, mail is stored in the directories ‘~/Mail/mail/’, ‘~/Mail/lists/’ and ‘~/Mail/archive/’, so to index them go to the index directory set in nnir-namazu-index-directory and issue the following command:

     mknmz --mailnews ~/Mail/archive/ ~/Mail/mail/ ~/Mail/lists/

For maximum searching efficiency you might want to have a cron job run this command periodically, say every four hours.