4.9.2 Thread Commands

T k

Mark all articles in the current (sub-)thread as read (gnus-summary-kill-thread). If the prefix argument is positive, remove all marks instead. If the prefix argument is negative, tick articles instead.

T l

Lower the score of the current (sub-)thread (gnus-summary-lower-thread).

T i

Increase the score of the current (sub-)thread (gnus-summary-raise-thread).

T #

Set the process mark on the current (sub-)thread (gnus-uu-mark-thread).

T M-#

Remove the process mark from the current (sub-)thread (gnus-uu-unmark-thread).


Toggle threading (gnus-summary-toggle-threads).

T s

Expose the (sub-)thread hidden under the current article, if any

T h

Hide the current (sub-)thread (gnus-summary-hide-thread).


Expose all hidden threads (gnus-summary-show-all-threads).


Hide all threads (gnus-summary-hide-all-threads).

T t

Re-thread the current article’s thread (gnus-summary-rethread-current). This works even when the summary buffer is otherwise unthreaded.

T ^

Make the current article the child of the marked (or previous) article (gnus-summary-reparent-thread).

T M-^

Make the current article the parent of the marked articles (gnus-summary-reparent-children).

The following commands are thread movement commands. They all understand the numeric prefix.

T n

Go to the next thread (gnus-summary-next-thread).

T p

Go to the previous thread (gnus-summary-prev-thread).

T d

Descend the thread (gnus-summary-down-thread).

T u

Ascend the thread (gnus-summary-up-thread).

T o

Go to the top of the thread (gnus-summary-top-thread).

If you ignore subject while threading, you’ll naturally end up with threads that have several different subjects in them. If you then issue a command like T k (gnus-summary-kill-thread) you might not wish to kill the entire thread, but just those parts of the thread that have the same subject as the current article. If you like this idea, you can fiddle with gnus-thread-operation-ignore-subject. If it is non-nil (which it is by default), subjects will be ignored when doing thread commands. If this variable is nil, articles in the same thread with different subjects will not be included in the operation in question. If this variable is fuzzy, only articles that have subjects fuzzily equal will be included (see Fuzzy Matching).