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1.8 Forwarding

The message-forward command pops up a message buffer to forward the message in the current buffer. If given a prefix, forward using news.

In non-nil, all headers that match this regexp will be deleted when forwarding a message.
In non-nil, only headers that match this regexp will be kept when forwarding a message.
A list of functions that are called to generate a subject header for forwarded messages. The subject generated by the previous function is passed into each successive function.

The provided functions are:

Source of article (author or newsgroup), in brackets followed by the subject.
Subject of article with ‘Fwd:’ prepended to it.

If this variable is t, the subjects of forwarded messages have the evidence of previous forwards (such as ‘Fwd:’, ‘Re:’, ‘(fwd)’) removed before the new subject is constructed. The default value is nil.
If this variable is t (the default), forwarded messages are included as inline MIME RFC822 parts. If it's nil, forwarded messages will just be copied inline to the new message, like previous, non MIME-savvy versions of Gnus would do.
If non-nil, put forwarded message before signature, else after.