1 Overview

Newsticker provides a Feed Reader for Emacs. It retrieves headlines from a list of news sites, processes them, and provides frontends for reading and managing them. (Standard headline formats are RSS and Atom which makes Newsticker an “RSS Reader”, “Atom Reader” or “Feed Aggregator”.)

Headlines (or news items) consist of a title, (mostly) a description, and a link to the full story. The description may be a brief summary in plain text or a full HTML-formatted article. A headline may carry enclosed data such as images, audio or video files, typically in the case of so “podcast feeds”.

Newsticker downloads headlines asynchronously at configurable times, processes and stores them so that you can read them later. The list of subscribed feeds, the headline processing, the presentation of the headlines and almost all other aspects of Newsticker can be customized to your liking.