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1 Overview

Newsticker provides a newsticker for Emacs. A newsticker is a thing that asynchronously retrieves headlines from a list of news sites, prepares these headlines for reading, and allows for loading the corresponding articles in a web browser.

Headlines consist of a title and (possibly) a small description. They are contained in “RSS” (RDF Site Summary) or “Atom” files. Newsticker works with the following RSS formats:

That makes Newsticker.el an “Atom aggregator”, “RSS reader”, “Feed aggregator”, or “Feed reader”.

Newsticker provides several commands for reading headlines, navigating through them, marking them as read/unread, hiding old headlines etc. Headlines can be displayed as plain text or as rendered HTML.

Headlines can be displayed in the echo area, either scrolling like messages in a stock-quote ticker, or just changing.

Newsticker allows for automatic processing of headlines by providing hooks and (sample) functions for automatically downloading images and enclosed files (as delivered by, e.g., podcasts).