15.2 Citation export processors

Org currently includes the following export processors:

The ‘CITE_EXPORT’ keyword specifies the export processor and the citation (and possibly reference) style(s); for example (all arguments are optional)

#+cite_export: basic author author-year

specifies the “basic” export processor with citations inserted as author’s name and references indexed by author’s names and year;

#+cite_export: csl /some/path/to/vancouver-brackets.csl

specifies the “csl” processor and CSL style, which in this case defines numeric citations and numeric references according to the ‘Vancouver’ specification (as style used in many medical journals), following a typesetting variation putting citations between brackets;

#+cite_export: natbib kluwer

specifies the ‘natbib’ export processor with a label citation style conformant to the Harvard style and the specification of the Wolkers-Kluwer publisher; since it relies on the bibtex processor of your LaTeX installation, it won’t export to anything but PDF.