13 Exporting

At some point you might want to print your notes, publish them on the web, or share them with people not using Org. Org can convert and export documents to a variety of other formats while retaining as much structure (see Document Structure) and markup (see Markup for Rich Contents) as possible.

The libraries responsible for translating Org files to other formats are called back-ends. Org ships with support for the following back-ends:

Users can install libraries for additional formats from the Emacs packaging system. For easy discovery, these packages have a common naming scheme: ox-NAME, where NAME is a format. For example, ox-koma-letter for koma-letter back-end. More libraries can be found in the ‘org-contrib’ repository (see Installation).

Org only loads back-ends for the following formats by default: ASCII, HTML, iCalendar, LaTeX, and ODT. Additional back-ends can be loaded in either of two ways: by configuring the org-export-backends variable, or by requiring libraries in the Emacs init file. For example, to load the Markdown back-end, add this to your Emacs config:

(require 'ox-md)