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12 Exporting

Org mode documents can be exported into a variety of other formats. For printing and sharing of notes, ASCII export produces a readable and simple version of an Org file. HTML export allows you to publish a notes file on the web, while the XOXO format provides a solid base for exchange with a broad range of other applications. LaTeX export lets you use Org mode and its structured editing functions to easily create LaTeX files. DocBook export makes it possible to convert Org files to many other formats using DocBook tools. OpenDocument Text (ODT) export allows seamless collaboration across organizational boundaries. For project management you can create gantt and resource charts by using TaskJuggler export. To incorporate entries with associated times like deadlines or appointments into a desktop calendar program like iCal, Org mode can also produce extracts in the iCalendar format. Currently, Org mode only supports export, not import of these different formats.

Org supports export of selected regions when transient-mark-mode is enabled (default in Emacs 23).