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Text before the first headline

Org mode normally exports the text before the first headline, and even uses the first line as the document title. The text will be fully marked up. If you need to include literal HTML, LaTeX, or DocBook code, use the special constructs described below in the sections for the individual exporters.

Some people like to use the space before the first headline for setup and internal links and therefore would like to control the exported text before the first headline in a different way. You can do so by setting the variable org-export-skip-text-before-1st-heading to t. On a per-file basis, you can get the same effect with ‘#+OPTIONS: skip:t’.

If you still want to have some text before the first headline, use the #+TEXT construct:

     #+OPTIONS: skip:t
     #+TEXT: This text will go before the *first* headline.
     #+TEXT: This goes between the table of contents and the *first* headline