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12.7 LaTeX and PDF export

LaTeX export can produce an arbitrarily complex LaTeX document of any standard or custom document class. With further processing1, which the LaTeX exporter is able to control, this back-end is able to produce PDF output. Because the LaTeX exporter can be configured to use the hyperref package, the default setup produces fully-linked PDF output.

As in LaTeX, blank lines are meaningful for this back-end: a paragraph will not be started if two contiguous syntactical elements are not separated by an empty line.

This back-end also offers enhanced support for footnotes. Thus, it handles nested footnotes, footnotes in tables and footnotes in a list item's description.


[1] The default LaTeX output is designed for processing with pdftex or LaTeX. It includes packages that are not compatible with xetex and possibly luatex. The LaTeX exporter can be configured to support alternative TeX engines, see the options org-latex-default-packages-alist and org-latex-packages-alist.