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12.11 Markdown export

The Markdown export back-end, md, converts an Org file to a Markdown format, as defined at

Since md is built on top of the HTML back-end, any Org constructs not supported by Markdown, such as tables, the underlying html back-end (see HTML export) converts them.

Markdown export commands

C-c C-e m m     (org-md-export-to-markdown)
Export to a text file with Markdown syntax. For, Org exports to, overwritten without warning.
C-c C-e m M     (org-md-export-as-markdown)
Export to a temporary buffer. Does not create a file.
C-c C-e m o
Export as a text file with Markdown syntax, then open it.

Header and sectioning structure

Based on org-md-headline-style, markdown export can generate headlines of both atx and setext types. atx limits headline levels to two. setext limits headline levels to six. Beyond these limits, the export back-end converts headlines to lists. To set a limit to a level before the absolute limit (see Export settings).