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12.8 Markdown export

md export back-end generates Markdown syntax1 for an Org mode buffer.

It is built over HTML back-end: any construct not supported by Markdown syntax (e.g., tables) will be controlled and translated by html back-end (see HTML export).

Markdown export commands

C-c C-e m m     (org-md-export-to-markdown)
Export as a text file written in Markdown syntax. For an Org file,, the resulting file will be The file will be overwritten without warning.
C-c C-e m M     (org-md-export-as-markdown)
Export to a temporary buffer. Do not create a file.
C-c C-e m o
Export as a text file with Markdown syntax, then open it.

Header and sectioning structure

Markdown export can generate both atx and setext types for headlines, according to org-md-headline-style. The former introduces a hard limit of two levels, whereas the latter pushes it to six. Headlines below that limit are exported as lists. You can also set a soft limit before that one (see Export settings).


[1] Vanilla flavor, as defined at