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Appendix B MobileOrg

MobileOrg is the name of the mobile companion app for Org mode, currently available for iOS and for Android. MobileOrg offers offline viewing and capture support for an Org mode system rooted on a “real” computer. It does also allow you to record changes to existing entries. The iOS implementation for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad series of devices, was started by Richard Moreland and is now in the hands Sean Escriva. Android users should check out MobileOrg Android by Matt Jones. The two implementations are not identical but offer similar features.

This appendix describes the support Org has for creating agenda views in a format that can be displayed by MobileOrg, and for integrating notes captured and changes made by MobileOrg into the main system.

For changing tags and TODO states in MobileOrg, you should have set up the customization variables org-todo-keywords and org-tag-alist to cover all important tags and TODO keywords, even if individual files use only part of these. MobileOrg will also offer you states and tags set up with in-buffer settings, but it will understand the logistics of TODO state sets (see Per-file keywords) and mutually exclusive tags (see Setting tags) only for those set in these variables.