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13.1.7 Generating a sitemap

The following properties may be used to control publishing of a map of files for a given project.

:auto-sitemap When non-nil, publish a sitemap during org-publish-current-project or org-publish-all.

:sitemap-filename Filename for output of sitemap. Defaults to (which becomes sitemap.html).

:sitemap-title Title of sitemap page. Defaults to name of file.

:sitemap-function Plug-in function to use for generation of the sitemap. Defaults to org-publish-org-sitemap, which generates a plain list of links to all files in the project.

:sitemap-sort-folders Where folders should appear in the sitemap. Set this to first (default) or last to display folders first or last, respectively. Any other value will mix files and folders.

:sitemap-sort-files How the files are sorted in the site map. Set this to alphabetically (default), chronologically or anti-chronologically. chronologically sorts the files with older date first while anti-chronologically sorts the files with newer date first. alphabetically sorts the files alphabetically. The date of a file is retrieved with org-publish-find-date.

:sitemap-ignore-case Should sorting be case-sensitive? Default nil.

:sitemap-file-entry-format With this option one can tell how a sitemap's entry is formatted in the sitemap. This is a format string with some escape sequences: %t stands for the title of the file, %a stands for the author of the file and %d stands for the date of the file. The date is retrieved with the org-publish-find-date function and formatted with org-publish-sitemap-date-format. Default %t.

:sitemap-date-format Format string for the format-time-string function that tells how a sitemap entry's date is to be formatted. This property bypasses org-publish-sitemap-date-format which defaults to %Y-%m-%d.

:sitemap-sans-extension When non-nil, remove filenames' extensions from the generated sitemap. Useful to have cool URIs (see Defaults to nil.