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12.11.6 Texinfo specific attributes

texinfo’ back-end understands several attributes in plain lists and tables. They must be specified using an #+ATTR_TEXINFO keyword, written just above the list or table.

Plain lists

In Texinfo output, description lists appear as two-column tables, using the default command @table. You can use @ftable or @vtable1 instead with :table-type attribute.

In any case, these constructs require a highlighting command for entries in the list. You can provide one with :indic attribute. If you do not, it defaults to the value stored in org-texinfo-def-table-markup, which see.

     #+ATTR_TEXINFO: :indic @asis
     - foo :: This is the text for /foo/, with no highlighting.

When exporting a table, column widths are deduced from the longest cell in each column. You can also define them explicitly as fractions of the line length, using :columns attribute.

     #+ATTR_TEXINFO: :columns .5 .5
     | a cell | another cell |


[1] For more information, see Two-column Tables.