1 About PCL-CVS

PCL-CVS is a front-end to CVS versions 1.9 and later. It concisely shows the present status of a checked out module in an Emacs buffer and provides single-key access to the most frequently used CVS commands. Note that the vc-dir command (see VC Directory Mode in The GNU Emacs Manual) provides similar functionality, but for several version control systems, including CVS.

PCL-CVS was originally written many years ago by Per Cederqvist who proudly maintained it until January 1996, at which point he released the beta version 2.0b2 and passed on the maintainership to Greg A Woods. Development stayed mostly dormant for a few years during which version 2.0 never seemed to be able to leave the “beta” stage while a separate XEmacs version was slowly splitting away. In late 1998, Stefan Monnier picked up development again, adding some major new functionality and taking over the maintenance.