5.9 Adding and removing files

The following commands are available to make it easy to add files to and remove them from the CVS repository.


Add all selected files. This command can be used on ‘Unknown’ files (see Buffer contents). The status of the file will change to ‘Added’, and you will have to use c (‘cvs-mode-commit’ see Committing changes), to really add the file to the repository.

This command can also be used on ‘Removed’ files (before you commit them) to resurrect them.

The command that is run is cvs-mode-add.


This command removes the selected files (after prompting for confirmation). The files are deleted from your directory and (unless the status was ‘Unknown’; see Buffer contents) they will also be ‘cvs remove’d. If the files’ status was ‘Unknown’ they will disappear from the buffer. Otherwise their status will change to ‘Removed’, and you must use c (‘cvs-mode-commit’, see Committing changes) to commit the removal.

The command that is run is cvs-mode-remove-file.